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Why do you often comb the cat?
Source£ºSuzhou KUDI Trade Co.,Ltd         Release time£º2017-05-05

First, the cats are normal hair removal is a common pet and human skin physiological characteristics vary widely, such as skin PH value, epidermis, epidermal metabolic cycle,

Coat growth characteristics, exocrine glands and other aspects of the larger differences.

1, the metabolism of hair loss
Man's hair is a hair follicle grows a hair, while the dog and the cat's hair follicle has grown several hairs, plus their metabolism fast, every day long

A lot of new hair will also fall off a certain number of dead hair.

2, seasonal hair removal
Dogs and cats will vary according to the variety of each year one or two hair, this is the normal physiological body hair removal.

Second, the feline dog hair loss troubles 1: affect the beauty of love and their feelings
A lot of hair removal not only affect the beauty of love, but also cause them to feel depressed.

Trouble 2: easy to cause love pet digestive tract disease
Off the hair is not treated in time, was love pet licking after the formation of hair ball in the gastrointestinal tract, causing gastrointestinal
Discomfort, such as nausea and vomiting, constipation, diarrhea, intestinal obstruction, but also affect appetite.

Trouble 3: hair swirling affect family feelings
Falling off the coat attached to clothing, furniture and other corners, causing the family's resentment and displeasure.

Troubles 4: the impact of close contact with the love pet
Love a large number of hair loss will be their resentment, the impact of intimate contact with them, will gradually lack of emotional communication.
Three, for the cat dog comb the benefits of hair benefits 1: keep love pet clean, early prevention of disease
Choose the right combing tools regularly for cat dogs combing, you can remove a lot of dead hair and dirt, to prevent hair knot, keep clean, prevent disease,

Timely found love pet wound and skin disease.

Benefit 2: make love pet beautiful, happy mood
Regular cat cat hair to make it beautiful appearance, feel comfortable, enhance appetite, arouses love.

Benefit 3: Promote blood circulation
Can promote blood circulation, make hair supple and bright, and enhance skin resistance, relieve fatigue.

Benefit 4: Promote emotional communication
Combing hair for love is also with love pet to enhance the emotional exchange process.

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