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The owner of the pet dog has any effect
Source£ºSuzhou KUDI Trade Co.,Ltd         Release time£º2017-03-11
The effect of the pet dog on the impact of the greatest pet dog owner, because the pet dog has formed a dependence on the owner, the owner's external expression, sound, action, smell have become a pet dog's various conditions to stimulate the formation of conditioned reflex, Improper will directly affect the pet dog effect.
        (1) the ability to estimate the pet dog is too high
        The trained pet dog has a simple thinking ability, but there is no awareness of activities, can not fully understand the language of people, such as the dog is estimated to be too high, the wrong use of language stimulation, in the pet dog to do something wrong, with a threat tone to denounce the pet Dog, or flog pet dog to show the punishment, not only can not establish the training course conditional reflex, but may destroy the established conditional reflex, thus reducing the training pet dog effect.
        (2) training pet dog to stimulate the use of improper
        The training with the password with the pet dog conversation with the use of the statement, not only the pet dog is difficult to form a conditioned condition on the password, but also to the formation of new stimuli, affecting the pet dog by password action.
        (3) failed to "teach by pet dog"
        One of the most important principles of training is "treat pet dogs, treat them separately." No matter what type of pet dog, such as only one way, a condition to carry out training, it is certainly not achieve the desired effect.
        (4) the training system is unreasonable
        Training dogs should first develop a rigorous training program and system, training loose will damage the pet dog has established the conditions of reflection, but also make the pet dog learn some bad habits; training tension, the dog will be due to fatigue and overrun suppression , Refused to train.
        (5) "overrun" training
        Training dogs should change the environment with time, subjects, time, from simple to complex, change the subject. If too long to repeat an action or a course, will lead to excessive dog dog nervous system fatigue, resulting in poor pet dog effect.
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