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These conditions can not give the dog a bath
Source£ºSuzhou KUDI Trade Co.,Ltd         Release time£º2017-02-05

Keep pets dog beauty, conservation are very important in the process of raising the dog must be regular, timely dog ​​to take a bath. And scientific, it is not the time to give the dog a bath. As parents should know that time is absolutely can not give a dog to take a bath.

First, just eat the dog should not take a bath. If the dog is eating too much, then it is best to wait for it to digest after giving it a bath. Because the dog just to eat a bath, will lead to skin blood vessels will expand, there will be less blood flow to the stomach, this will cause dog digestion and blood sugar reduction, prone to fainting situation.

Second, the disease before the new pet dog should not take a bath. At this time the dog is weak, weak resistance, if the bath is not easy to get sick again. If you must give the dog clean, then you can try to comb it comb, with a towel to wipe the body.

Third, just after the strenuous exercise of the pet dog should not immediately showers. In the hot summer, the dog has just participated in the intense exercise, then do not immediately give it a shower, should wait for the dog calm, the body limbs, muscles are back to normal after giving it a bath Oh.

Fourth, the dogs just vaccinated the dog can not immediately take a bath. This pet dog must be safe to spend the vaccine observation period, usually about 7-10 days, and so the dog after all normal to give it a bath.

Finally, in the cold, humid environment can not give a dog to take a bath. Because such an environment is more likely to lead to a cold dog sick. Especially in the winter, be sure to take a dog in the warm room to take a bath to prevent illness Oh.

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